An Allusion to Christís Pre-existence in the Synoptics

Most hold the view the the Synoptics do not mention or allude to the pre-existence of Jesus. This is something that I have been thinking about. I note that Satan in the wilderness temptation challenges Jesus whether he is "a son of The God." [HUIOS ... TOU THEOU = there is no article before "son".]

Surely Satan knows the nature of God, whether He exists in three persons or modes? When all the angels appeared before God in Job 1 and 2 this would have surely included the Son as it did Satan. They both knew the other were sons of The God. Could this be a reference to the pre-existence of Christ? It is true the baptism scene has just accord where The God spoke, "This is THE Son of Me." [Matthew 3:17] Such sonship began there at Jesus baptism as a spiritual Son of God. He was already a human son of God, as Adam. BUT, he had already existed as "a Son of God" in heaven, because he was one of many. Thus, Satan uses "a son of The God."

When the demons address Jesus later in Matthew 8:29, they say, "Son of The God." Again the article is missing before "Son" suggesting one son of many. On this matter we remember that James says "the demons believe [that God is one] and shudder." [James 2:19] If the demons dread God, and yet know that Jesus is God also, would they dare address Him as Son, when he was God? God can never be addressed as "son" for that would suggest an origin procreated by a father.

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