What Happened to the Dinosaurs?

Despite reading Darwin’s Origin of Species and other related works, I am not an “evolutionist.” When I was in my mid to late teens -- and my friends were all college and university students majoring in biology and geology - the theory of Uniformitarianism was an established fact. Or, though it was thought. This theory believed that as things are today they have always been. That is, all the ancient past millions of years have proceeded in a uniform manner just as today.

Slowly over the decades since the 50s this idea has been radically altered. No decent biologist or geologist wanted to even give a hint of some kind of Biblical Flood. When it became evident that there have been major influences affecting the earth and life on it, the great glacial ages were the cause of obvious changes on earth. Of course, in doing this they agreed that water has been the major shaping influence - only it was frozen water - on portions equivalent to the Biblical Flood.

In more recent years this has changed even more. One now sees words once avoided - catastrophe, cataclysm - as have actually taken place with global results. Now many think a comet or gigantic meteor impacted the earth in Middle America and sent a five-hundred-foot tidal wave around the earth several times. This also resulted in enormous climatic changes. Thus, water was still the reason for this cataclysm. The word “cataclysm” is a Greek word that means “wash-down-much,” that is a flood or deluge. This global catastrophe is thought to explain the sudden disappearance of dinosaurs and other living creatures. Indeed, some estimate that 30 million years ago 95% of ALL LIFE on earth was destroyed. So the 30 million species of life on earth today are the result of evolution over only 30 million years starting over with only 5% left to evolve into humankind.

This “cataclysm” scrapped up all the dinosaurs and other species and deposited them into chasms and fissures. The results were the great oil and coal deposits around the globe. It took humankind awhile to discover the use of these. First, as coal for heating, and much later natural gas. When scientists learned to crack petro-chemicals gasoline, heating oils, and thousands of other uses were discovered. One petroleum company’s logo was the dinosaur. Indeed, the world has become so dependent on petro-chemicals [also called “fossil fuels”] that it can see said the entire globe turns and lives on old dead dinosaurs that perished in the great cataclysm. Indeed, if all the products from these "fossil fuels" were to vanish, we would not be having this communication. You would possibly be half-naked, your water bottles would vanish, and virtually everyone in a hospital, airplane, highway would die. The planet has become absolutely dependent on fossil fuels.

This very need has now created two of the globe’s biggest problems: a] world economy and energy is a slave to fossil fuels; and, b] the habitat is in great danger from “global warming.” Many scientists and informed observers have expressed great concern over both of these problems.

Now, my question on all of this is: Did God know this would happen? Did God know that dinosaurs would be the cause to global warming and the possible ruin of the environment? Did God know that humankind’s economy would be so dependent on dinosaurs? Did God know that they factors could move the nations of the earth toward that final conflict called “Armageddon”? Time and prophecy will ultimately tell the tale, but it is an interesting thing to ponder.

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