Today's Bible Chapter

Romans Chapter 3

Romans 3:23 – Universal Judgment

For they all sinned 1 and fall short of the glory of The God. 2
1 For they all sinned: Traditionally, this is “all have sinned,” though “they” is suggested in the verb HEMARTON (they sinned). “They” would refer back to Jew and non-Jew discussed above. (Ecclesiastes 7:20; Romans 5:12) See notes on Romans 5:12.
2 Fall short of the glory of The God: Perhaps a play on the Greek for “sin” as an archer’s arrow falls or comes short of the target. (Isaiah 64:6) Or, KNX: unworthy; CON: none have attained; TCN: fall short of God’s glorious ideal; MON: lack; BER: fall short of being any glory to God; NEB: deprived of the divine splendour.

Dear Friends of the Nazarene,

We choose Romans 3:23 as the theme verse of chapter three – All Have Sinned. Sin all humankind is to be judged Paul asks what is the advantage of the Jew. [1-6] One of the main things he adds to his list is that the Jews were “entrusted with God’s Word.” Paul speaks as his Jewish opposer when he asks, ‘Why am I being judged?’ [7, 8] Paul quotes Scripture at length to prove that ‘all are under sin’s condemnation’. [9-18] Most of this proof of sinfulness involves the tongue. Though all the world will come under god’s judgment God’s grace will freely pronounce sinners innocent. [19-26] The legal basis for being pronounced innocent – or justified – is by faith or deep convictions. [27-31]

Abba our Father bless those who believe.

[22 December 2002]