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Ephesians Chapter 1

Ephesians 1:10 – God’s Purpose a Unifying Hope

[This included] a household administration 1 at the completion of the appointed times, 2 for the purpose of reunifying everything 3 in the Christ – the things in the Celestialum 4 and the things upon the Earth.
1 A household administration: The Greek is oikonomian or house + management (stewardship). Or, KJV: dispensation; WEY: government of the world; TCN: divine order; NASB: administration. There is a method to God’s will in the dispensing of his grace to a household by means of His stewardship.
2 The completion of the appointed times: The Greek is pleromatos (fullness) ton (of the) kairon (season). Or, KJV: fulness of times; WEY: when times were ripe; TCN: completion of the ages. Not only the manner of dispensation but the timing is under the control of God.
3 Reunifying everything: This infers a former state of unity before rebellion broke out in Eden. The Greek is ana(again)-kephalaiosasthai(head up). Or, KJV: gather together again; ASV: to sum up; WEY: restoring the whole creation; TCN: make every centre in him. Colossians 1:20 has it “… to reconcile again to himself.”
4 In the Celestialum: Those in heaven rebelled with Satan. Compare Ephesians 6:12. Heaven also needs a restoration of the original peace and unity. Colossians 1:20 puts it, “… no matter whether they are the things upon the earth or the things in the heavens.”

Dear Friends of the Nazarene,

We now move on to Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians. His overall theme is the unity of the body of Christ – God’s part, Christ’s part, and the believer’s part. We choose Ephesians 1:10 as the theme verse of the chapter – “The Household Hope.” Paul begins with some of the most favorite verses in the New Testament regarding spiritual blessings. [3-7] All these spiritual and heavenly blessings The God has accomplished through the agency of His Son. How blessed Christians are in knowing they have been “released by ransom” through the blood of Christ resulting in the cancellation of our transgressions.

In all of these blessing The God has a household purpose and this process of dispensation is part of the divine mystery. [8-14] This “household” is the Body of Christ and “at the completion of the appointed times” God’s purpose will be realized in the reunification of the Celestial and Terrestrial. The spirit-sealed members of the Church will “serve in praise of God’s glory.”

What an “enlightened hope” Christians share! Such spiritual enlightenment has resulted in “spiritual wisdom” and “revelation” and “an elevated knowledge.” [15-23] Thus we have at least some idea of the glorious riches inherited by the Saints. Not only are we aware of such a hope but also we acknowledge the extent of Christ’s power. Combining Psalm 110:1 and Psalm 8:6 Paul describes the authority Christ obtained upon his return to heaven. Christ and his Church will completely fulfill all of God’s eternal purposes. How glad we are to be those who believe!

Abba our Father bless the spiritually enlightened.

[2 July 2002]

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Notes from the People’s New Testament by B. W. Johnson -

In the last dispensation which came in the fulness of time; when the times were full, or ripe. “Fulness of time” is often applied to the period of Christ’s coming. See Ga 4:4 Heb 1:2 9:10 _ 1Pe 1:20. That the scattered families and tribes of men, both Jews and Gentiles, should all be gathered and united under one head, Christ. Nay, not only men, but angels, all should be united under Christ as head, so that he should be “all and in all” [Col 3:11]. See Re 5:13. Compare Mt 28:18, and many other passages which are parallel in thought.