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1 Thessalonians Chapter 2

1 Thessalonians 2:8 – Servants with Tender Affections

So, having an affectionate desire for you, we were prepared not only to share with you the Good News of The God but also our own souls, 1 for you had become dearly beloved to us. 2
1 Our own souls: That is, “we were willing to sacrifice ourselves for your benefit.” The Greek is EAUTON PSUCHAS. See notes on 1 John 2:6 (1 John 2:6) in Nazarene Commentary ©2000. These are dedicated men, one of whom became the greatest missionary to ever walk the earth. (John 15:13; 2 Corinthians 12:15)
2 Dearly beloved to us: That is, “you know how much we really loved you.” Paul’s language is filled with kindly and loving expressions. He has used gentle, affection, and love. He uses “love” [compassionate affection, benevolent empathy] 10 times in his epistles to the Thessalonians.

Dear Friends of the Nazarene,

We choose 1 Thessalonians 2:8 as the theme verse of chapter two – Loving Elders. Paul relates to the congregation how their earlier visit produced such good results. [1-4] Paul states that he and his associates did not speak to please humans, nor was their exhortation motivated by error, impurity or deceit. Willing to sacrifice his own life for them, Paul compares his gospel method to a mother’s gentle affection. [5-8] As “Christ’s apostles” no heavy demands well made on the congregation, nor did these Christian evangelists use flattering speech as a cover for greed. Paul also compared his efforts among them as a godly father with his own children. [9-12] Not only did Paul and his fellow apostles work hard so they would not be a financial burden on the brothers, but also their behavior was characterized by holiness, righteousness, and blamelessness.

The Thessalonians had accepted the Word of The God not as a human message but as God’s Word. [13-16] Christians have been persecuted by both Jews and non-Jews. Paul wanted to make a visit but “Satan cut across his path.” [17-20] What brings Paul such great joy even though persecuted is the thought that these Thessalonian disciples will prove to be a “crown of boasting” when Christ returns.

Abba bless all hard working elders and evangelists.

[16 July 2002]