"THE WORD" from Online Bible – Installation Instructions

The Online Bible software "THE WORD" (commonly known as "OLB") is a very powerful tool for Bible study – and it is free! The word "Online" can be misleading: once you have installed the product, no connection with the internet is required.

It might be a good idea to print these instructions before you start. Although this software is very powerful, the installation can at times be confusing.

Installation of the Starters Pack

  1. Go to the Online Bible web site (http://www.onlinebible.net) where you can download the starters package for "THE WORD" (or click here for an immediate download).
  2. After you have saved this installation program to disk, run it. In Internet Explorer 5.5 you can do so by pressing the "Open" button after the download has completed.
  3. Press OK when you get a message about using PKZIP in case of problems.
  4. Leave the "install to" directory as it is and press Continue.
  5. If this is really the first time you install OLB, you'll be prompted to choose a "desktop". The choice determines some settings, but all of these can be changed later on.
  6. After installation you get a customer notice. Press OK
  7. Then information for Visually Impaired is displayed. Press OK
  8. The "Restore Backups" dialog appears. It is not something you want to do now. Just close it with Exit.
  9. Close the "What's new" dialog with OK.
  10. You get a warning that new fonts have been added. Press OK
  11. Online Bible opens and a "Quick Start Tutorial" comes up. We advise you to take a few minutes to go through these help topics as they are very useful for new users.
  12. If the installation was successful and you want to save disk space you can delete the installation file "install_av.exe" you downloaded.
  13. When you have closed "THE WORD" you can start it again from the icon on your desktop.

Very Quick and Basic Tutorial

If you are very impatient and want to skip the tutorial, here are some very basic functions you can perform with "THE WORD" from Online Bible.

To open a Bible passage: press the first icon (or Ctrl+F1) and enter a passage. After OK, the passage displays in a window. You can navigate with the arrow keys or the scrollbar.

To find scriptures with a certain keyword: press the seventh icon (or F7) and enter the word(s) you are looking for. Press Help to find out about all the Search possibilities. After OK the list with matched verses is displayed in a new window. To view the context of one of these verses, put the cursor on the verse and press "C" (context). The passage containing the verse now appears in a new window.

Addition of more modules

Once you are familiar with these functions you will want to add other modules to the OLB (Online Bible). There are many modules you can add, but we will list the ones that are a "must". However, before you proceed you must at least reboot once in order to make the Greek/Hebrew fonts available.


On the Dictionaries page you can find the Online Bible Greek Lexicon (= Thayer’s) and the Online Bible Hebrew Lexicon (= Brown/Driver/Briggs). Please download them from this location as some other sites have older versions of these two modules.

Install each of these modules as follows:

  1. Always close OLB before installing any modules (if you forget this, you must close and re-open OLB after installation to see the result)
  2. Download the module by clicking one of the above links
  3. Open (=execute) it
  4. Close all of the following windows (you may want to read their content first) that will appear with either the OK or Exit button:
    1. “Online Bible Greek Lexicon (English)” – Press OK
    2. “Visually Impaired Documentation” – Press OK
    3. “Restore Backups” – Press Exit
    4. “THE WORD Setup” – Press OK
  5. OLB opens with the new module installed.

Repeat the above for the other module.

Now you can use the lexicons. Open a passage and make the Strong's codes visible by pressing "S" (if they were visible, "S" hides them again). Then double click one of the Strong's codes you see. A new window opens with the meaning of that particular word.

Other Bible Versions

Now you can also add another Bible Version.

A very useful Bible version you can find on the Bible Versions page: the Westcott - Hort Greek New Testament.

Install it just as you installed the Lexicons. There is one thing you have to verify in addition though. After installation, choose from the menu "Library" – "Selection Preferences", select the "Versions" tab, make sure there is a checkmark next to the new module and press OK.

Now open a NT passage, right-click in the passage window and choose "Open/close alternate version" and then "Wescott Hort Greek Text"

You will now see the passage in both the KJV and the Greek text. The Greek is tagged with Strong numbers as well (press "S") and even with analytical information (press "F") and you can even perform searches on Greek words in the Greek version!

On this site you can download the 21st Century Version of the Christian Scriptures© [code: MHM] – part of the Nazarene Commentary 2000-2002© – as a Bible version module for OLB.


Note modules consist of comments linked to particular bible verses, if not all. A note module can be installed just as a Bible version module.

On this site you can download the Nazarene Commentary on the Christian Scriptures [code: MHMNC] – part of the Nazarene Commentary 2000-2002© – as a note module for OLB.