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#1. The following will occur at the beginning of, during, or after the 21st century, or Jesus Christ the Nazarene was a false prophet:

‘The sun will be darkened.
The moon will turn blood-red.
The asteroids of heaven will fall to earth.
Disgusting sores will come upon humans.
The sea will turn to blood.
Drinking water will turn to blood.
Humans will be scorched by the sun’s fierce heat.
And the Seventh Angel will empty his bowl into the air
and a great voice will boom from the Celestial Temple:
Then will occur flashes of lightning,
great thunder,
and a violent earthquake
without parallel since humanity came to be.
The cities of the earth will collapse.’
1 BIBLE VERSES. See Revelation chapters 6 and 16. Note: all quotations from the Christian Bible are from the 21st Century Version of the Christian Scriptures [NCMM] unless otherwise indicated.

#2. These words are claimed to be those of Jesus Christ the Nazarene as he made it known by an angel to his dearest disciple John near the end of the First Century. These words are recorded in what has come to be called Revelation or the Apocalypse. Never in the last two millennium have these prophetic warnings come in for more interest and scrutiny than now, as we enter the 3rd Millennium. All forms of media and communication have been brought to bear by preachers from the pulpit, the printed page, television, and the computerized world wide web. Millions upon millions of brochures, pamphlets, handbills, magazines, booklets, and tracts have screamed: “THE TIME IS AT HAND!” or, “THE APPOINTED TIME IS NEAR!” These zealous religious writings and preachments are filled with words like “soon,” or “immediately ahead,” or “in our generation,” or “around the year 2,000,” or “in your life-time.” All of these claim, in one manner or another, direct authorization by Jesus Christ to make such prophetic warnings. Some men claim to be The Anointed. Some claim Jesus speaks directly to them. Some claim to be the sole “channel” or “prophet” by which God speaks to the world.

#3. This publication, Nazarene Apocalypse©, begins with the charge that if the stirring words of the Apocalypse do not occur at the beginning of, during, or after the 21st century, it will mean Jesus Christ and his followers are false prophets. We say this without fear of a lightening strike from heaven. This can be stated without such fear of repercussions for a very good reason. Jesus himself knew and quoted one of his own religion’s most holy ancient writings, the Book of Deuteronomy, written in the 2nd Millennium before our common era (BCE, or BC). This Book of Moses foretold the coming of a Great Prophet after his own manner. You can find these words in Deuteronomy 18:9-22.2 Moses knew his own people the Israelites (Hebrews, Jews) would wonder how they were to tell one prophet from another, the true from the false. In affect, they asked: “How are we to tell when a prophecy or prophet is not from God?” Moses’ answer was simple: ‘When a prophet speaks in the name of Yahweh (or, Jehovah) and the thing does not happen, and the word is not fulfilled, then it has not been said by Yahweh (or, Jehovah). The prophet spoke presumptuously. You have nothing to fear from him.’3 (Deuteronomy 18:21, 22) Moses says we need not fear such a false and arrogant prophet. Jesus knew and believed these words and so we know if the very words of the Nazarene himself do not come true, we need not fear him. Jesus would have believed that also.
2 DEUTERONOMY 18:17-19. These verses are also quoted by Peter in Acts 3:22, 23 with an application to the Nazarene.

#4. It is true Jesus himself foretold various prophecies about the end of Jerusalem and the future Return or coming of the Messianic King. In this context, the Nazarene warned: ‘If anyone says to you then, “THE CHRIST IS HERE!” or, “THE TIME IS AT HAND!” do not believe it. For Pseudo-Anointed and False Prophets will arrive and produce signs and miracles to deceive The Elect, if that were possible.’ (Mark 13:21-23; Luke 21:8) If Jesus warned his own disciples not to believe or follow anyone who professed to speak in the name of Christ claiming to be an anointed prophet preaching the message “THE TIME IS AT HAND!” why, then, do so many Christian preachers and teachers still do it? Further, why do so many Christian believers still follow the very ones Jesus said not to follow?

#5. Will this decade – or any year after that -- prove Jesus Christ a false prophet? Will tens of thousands of Christian teachers, evangelists, and prophets be exposed as false prophets, or at least presumptuous by Moses’ standard, if their foretold years come and go without what you read in the opening paragraph coming true? Jesus himself cannot fail in at least this prophecy: ‘Take care that no one deceives you. Many will come using my name and they will deceive many.’ (Matthew 24:4) That Nazarene prophecy has not failed to come true for already millions have been deceived by such false prophets!

#6. Many of these doom-sayers who point to “our generation” and some future year, or even some other year in the past 150 years, incorporate the Bible’s last book Apocalypse as proof of their predictions and prophetic chronologies. No matter what anyone says, if they claim the authority of Christ, or speak in the name of Jehovah, and predict “THE TIME IS AT HAND!” Jesus the Nazarene told us: ‘DO NOT FOLLOW THEM! LOOK! I FOREWARNED YOU!’ (Luke 21:8) To these prophets with their multi-million dollar holdings, we offer this opening challenge:4
4 CHALLENGE. This is the same challenge Jesus put before the “little flock” when he told them, ‘Sell your belongings and give (the value) to charity.’ (Luke 12:32, 33) Both Luther and Tyndale condemned the Church for owning property.


#7. With Jesus’ warning ringing in our ears, we take a fresh look at the Bible book Apocalypse knowing it cannot predict the so-called “last days,”5 or some specific “day and hour,”6 for the final war of Armageddon and “the end of the world.”7 This does not mean there is not much to learn from Apocalypse. Indeed, it is an Apocalypse written for the 3rd Millennium. Surprisingly, however, it may have an entirely different message from what some contemporary Christian prophets or organizations claim.
5 LAST DAYS. The Nazarene never uses the phrase “last days” nor does it occur in Revelation or Apocalypse.
6 DAY AND HOUR. Matthew 24:36. [Acts 1:7]
7 END OF THE WORLD. King James Version Matthew 24:3.

#8. What did Jesus predict about the so-called “end of the world” and the “last days”? Did the Nazarene foretell an hour, day, or year for this final conflagration? What did he foretell to occur at that moment when the celestial voice booms, “THE END IS NEAR!”8 (Really, “Here”!) What exactly is foretold to happen? Who will be affected? Can one escape or survive such a time? What if one does not live to that time but dies before those future apocalyptic days? What does the Book of Apocalypse predict or foretell for mankind in general? What will come upon the earth in what that final Book titled Revelation calls the 1,000-Years? The answers are surprising, and yet hope-instilling. Further, the answers will contradict all those false prophets and Pseudo-Anointed.
8 END IS NEAR! Revelation 16:17. (PME, WEY)

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