Messianic Confessions

Addendum – May 28, 1998

The year 1998 saw my “disassociation” from JWs in January. This month also saw the beginning of the Friends of the Nazarene web page in a serious manner as an Internet acquaintance offered to webmaster the site. I became friends with Andy Weeks of Chicago, a computer programmer. I had been praying for some solution to this very problem and here he was. Within weeks the Nazarene Web site was developed with all of the online publications as well as graphics drawn from my own photography.

These publications included:

Nazarene Principles – a 110 page Bible study primer for use in Scriptural discussions and “home church” meetings.

Nazarene Apocalypse – a 400 page verse by verse commentary on the “little apocalypse” of Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21, and a verse by verse commentary on Revelation with over 1,000 footnotes.

Nazarene Commandments, a list of Jesus teachings regarding his personal commandments to his disciples.

Nazarene Community, something of a “church manual” with a discussion of Christian character.

De Trinitatis Erroribus, a full consideration of the Trinity doctrine.

Where are the Dead? a consideration of what the Bible teaches on the after-life, soul, hell, and the resurrection.

The site also has various newsletters and research essays. To this date it continues to grow and develop considerable interest on the Internet.

The Friends of the Nazarene, represented by myself and a few others, were also a frequent visitors on a variety of doctrinal forums where the Trinity was hotly debated. Many new friends and associates were developed throughout the winter as the mailing list grew. Much time was spent cyber-witnessing. Many notices were sent out about the Friends of the Nazarene web page with resultant interest.

My relationship with Andy Weeks grew and he became – along with my oldest associate, Andrew Foss – a research associate. Shortly after, Ralph Slaney, my old pioneer partner in Spain, joined us to officially become the “Research Associates” identified on the web page. All contributed in various ways to newsletters and essays.

As the new year arrived my health and well-being seemed to take a downward turn with loss of energy and strength and increased pain. I could no longer exercise nor do many of things I had been used to. I struggled also because I had no funds to buy the medicines I needed. Occasionally, a few friends would contribute something which eased the problem somewhat. No family members have assisted me at all.

As Spring approached I was to loose my car because of inability to pay the insurance or get the mechanical work done which would allow it to be smogged. I had prepared myself to be “without wheels.” My JW sister was always well aware of my medical problems but has never offered help. I am grateful for a place to live provided by mother; but I do not put a burden on my sister.

My sister and I probably do not complete over a dozen sentences throughout the day and many of these originate with me. My sister is caught in a terrible dilemma, living with what amounts to a disfellowshipped apostate – something she must hate. She is civil and friendly in greetings but beyond that takes no interest whatsoever in my life. She never offers any information about her life. For her own reasons she and my wife no longer have any contact. I do not know why. The last I had heard my wife was back in Europe, likely Spain. June 21, 1998 we will have been married 40 years.

I am determined – dedicated – to help others with a better understanding of the Bible. If some want help with their questions about JWs I offer my help freely. This I do through the World Wide Web. We have never accepted money for our work and all our publications are free.

The Friends of the Nazarene web page continues to grow with many “hits” each week. I have Internet friends all over the world. I pray a good foundation is being laid for a better walk in Christ. Small groups have formed themselves in “home churches” and free and lively Bible discussions continue. I am confident the Friends of the Nazarene and associated groups will continue to grow. We all yearn for the Return of our Lord, Jesus Christ the Nazarene. It may be in our lifetime. It may not. Whatever occurs, we are committed to “follow the Lamb no matter where he goes.” (Revelation 14:4 NW)

God bless one and all!

Mark Miller

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Mark Heber Miller

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