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#19. To learn the Nazarene principles in the teachings of Jesus it is necessary to begin with at least some idea of what Jesus himself believed as a Jew of the First Century. One way to do this is to use what is called the Lord’s Prayer as a format. This is a fundamental outline to the overall teachings of the Bible but particularly those basic principles of the Nazarene. There are seven of these in that model prayer. These are the seven Nazarene principles: Father, Name, Kingdom, Will, Bread, Forgiveness, Temptation.

  • Our Father in the heavens,
  • Let your Name be sanctified.
  • Let your Kingdom come.
  • Let your Will be done
    in heaven and earth.
  • Give us our Bread for today.
  • Forgive us our debts
    as we forgive our debtors.
  • Lead us not into temptation
    but deliver us from evil.

(Matthew 6:9-11; Luke 11:2-4)

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