Where are the Dead –
According to the Bible?

HELL (Hades)

The Dictionary of New Testament Theology (Vol 2, pages 206-7) –

CL “Hades … It wither comes from idein (to see) with the negative prefix, a-, and so would mean the invisible. … The good and the righteous were rewarded in hades.

OT 1. In the LXX hades occurs more than 100 times, in the majority of instances to translate Heb sheol … 2. In Rab. Judaism, under Persian and Hel. influence, the doctrine of the immortality of the soul appeared, and this altered the concept of hades. … Under the influence of the doctrine of the resurrection hades lost its role as the eternal resting place of souls and became a preparatory, temporary resting place for souls until the resurrection.

In the NT hades occurs 10 times, and that only in Matthew, Luke, Acts and Revelation. At the resurrection Hades must give up its dead again (Revelation 20:13). So it is not an eternal but only a temporary place of state.

Nazarene Commentary 2000

Mark Heber Miller

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