Mark Miller

In 1938 I was christened as a Lutheran. At the age of 12 I was baptized a Baptist. I was raised among Baptists and Seventh Day Adventists. I do not know why but I had a natural love for God and His Word and finished the King James Version the first time when I was 12. As a Navy brat we traveled all over the world and I seldom spent more than two years I one school. During my teens I began to feel the churches at large were more interested in money and politics. I would visit all churches in the community to compare them.

Mark in sunny Spain
Mark in sunny Spain

My enthusiasm for the Bible was rekindled at the age of 16 when I contacted JWs in school. I became a most zealous regular Pioneer upon my baptism in 1956. By then I had read the Bible again several times. Over the next couple years I read everything ever published by the Society -- Russell’s volumes, Rutherford’s books, all The Watchtowers from 1879. I had by now read the New World Translation of the Christian scriptures a dozen times, wearing out Bibles. For the next 30 years or more I spent 20 in the full time ministry, pioneering in California, Texas, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico. I served as congregation servant or presiding overseer in nearly a dozen congregations in New Mexico (Farmington, Aztec) and California (Newport Mesa, Newport Bay, Corona del Mar, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Fountain Valley, Idyllwild). I also served as a missionary in The Bahamas, Holland and Spain. Throughout these years I was known as one of the anointed and my Bible studies were intense. I read completely everything published including the Aid book and later the Insight book. Beginning in the 70s I contributed thoughts and questions to the Society.

In the 80s I began to feel “something was wrong” but I could not figure it out. I was invited by Brooklyn Bethel and the Writing Department to spend several weeks a few times each year to work as a consultant in the writing and art departments. This continued for nearly ten years. I was one of the few photographers for the Society’s publications. I watched and listened carefully to what went on at Bethel. In the late 80s I began my own studies. These intensified just before I return to Spain in the mid 90s. I first realized that the Parousia was not a generational thing, nor was it invisible -- having began in 1914. I came to believe the Return of Christ was future, the Great Tribulation was not against the world but against the Saints, and that the number 144,000 was limited to end-time Saints. I learned Jesus taught nothing on the so-called “last days.” I learned the Great Crowd was a heavenly group of end-time Saints. I learned that the “faithful and discreet” slave was not the Society but any individual who served the Master.

I began to submit to the Society over 500,000 words according to computer count. Upon returning from Spain I realized my church was wrong: the foundations laid by Russell (the invisible parousia), and later Rutherford (the great crowd), were not Scriptural and Franz had been dead wrong about 1975. For the next two years I devoted myself to re-reading the Bible in a dozen translations. I would take a new Bible into the high mountains or isolated deserts to just read it. This took about two weeks each. During this time I discussed my conclusions with very few people -- less than a handful. I knew slanderous rumors were spreading in Southern California though I had done nothing wrong.

During all this period I prayed intensely and earnestly and Bible truths began to materialize in beautiful harmony. Two years ago some of these conclusions were published on the Internet thanks to the help of Andy Weeks and others. Andy Foss and James SanFilippo were of particular encouragement at this time. The web page “Nazarene Saints” began to grow and caught world-wide interest. This year what could be called a “movement” began and those associated with it call themselves “Friends of the Nazarene.” Today there are hundreds of friends and supporters with more than a dozen brothers who assist as “Research Associates.” A seminar is scheduled for the spring of 1999 to funnel energies into a unifying force.

Addendum: 2011

Mark Heber Miller died in his sleep on September 9, 2011. He finished his life's work. We were very proud and honored to be a part of his life and the crumbs from the table of knowledge we received can luckily be found with the help of this website and his books!