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“You are my friends if you obey my commands.”  [John 14:15]


“Now just as you want people to do to you, you continue to do the same.”
[Luke 6:31 NCMM]

Virtually all religions contain what many call a “Golden Rule”. Essentially all of these state this in the negative: “Do not do unto others as you would not want them to do to you.” A famous rabbinical sage of the past ages was once asked: “Standing on one foot summarize the Law of Moses.” There are statues in the world showing this Jew standing on one leg. He answered: “You know what hurts you, now do not do this to others. Do not do to others as you would not want them to do to you.”

The Nazarene Master is the only one who stated this in the positive: “Do unto others…” [Matthew 7:12] In other words one can selfishly isolate himself like a hermit and fulfill the negative ‘golden rule’. A Christian disciple cannot do this and obey the Golden Rule as stated by Jesus. Such a person must be pro-active, seeking opportunities to do something for others. Such a person must think in the positive: “Now what would I want people to do to me if I were in this or that situation?”

You have a shut in neighbor, an elderly widow with no one to care for her. When you turn 70 and find yourself alone without family help and support – what would you want others to do to you? Surely you would want people to check in on you and offer genuine help. There are scores of positive things that can be done for such a person: shopping, running errands, house cleaning, laundry or maybe just plain company and constructive conversation. Look around you and ask what you can do for others, just as you would want them to do to you? If you do so you may attain spiritual perfection. [Matthew 5:48]

Abba bless you.

— Mark Heber Miller.