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“You are my friends if you obey my commands.”  [John 14:15]


“It is what comes out of a person that defiles a person.
For it is from the inside,
from a person’s heart that harmful thinking proceeds:
sexual immorality. …
All of these wicked things issue from within and defile a person”
[Mark 7:20-23 NCMM]

The Master taught that a person is defiled by a variety of “wicked things” that originate in the heart. Among these was “sexual immortality”. This word in Greek is also rendered: “fornications” in the plural. What did Jesus mean by the word “fornications”? We know he included adultery from his words at Matthew 5:32. However it is likely that other forms of “illicit sexual intercourse” were included in these “fornications”. [See Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance.]

For example, note how Jude the brother of the Master includes homosexuality in his use of the word fornication: “Also Sodom and Gomorrah [and] the surrounding cities – who in similar manner indulged in sexual immorality [that is, “fornication”] and lusted after different flesh – are placed before us as an object lesson of a fiery everlasting punishment.” [Jude 7 NCMM] Thus Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance includes homosexuality and lesbianism in the word fornications.

Any person claiming to be a disciple of the Master – such as an Episcopalian bishop or a lesbian pastor – and practices homosexuality is “defiled.” Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance defines this word “defile” to mean: “unclean, render unhallowed … profane.” Paul writes that such defiled persons will never inherit the Kingdom of God. [1 Corinthians 6:10]

Abba bless you.

— Mark Heber Miller.