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“You are my friends if you obey my commands.”  [John 14:15]


“Fear not, little flock, for your Father has promised to give you the Kingdom.”
[Luke 12:32 21st Century Version of the Christian Scripturesİ]

Many Christians are familiar with these words of the Nazarene Master. However, try and find a Christian who knows what the next verse says? When Jesus said “fear not” what did he mean? Fear not… what? Christ was talking about one of the most common fears or anxieties among all humankind – financial insecurity.

In the immediate context of Luke 12:13-34 the Master had spoken on two subjects that have always plagued humankind: greed and anxiety of livelihood. The person who tries to be rich will not be rich toward God, and so guard carefully against any type of greed – that is a desire for more. He instructed to stop being anxious but seek God's kingdom first.

Thus, the ‘fear’ about which Jesus speaks is that fear of insecurity which causes such anxiety. He follows these words with a direct command to his apostles: ‘Sell everything and give to charity.’ [Luke 12:33] A study of the first few chapters of Acts will show this is exactly what the apostles did.

At other times the Master had taught regarding the dangers of anxiety. In Mark 4:18, 19 he strongly cautions that anxiety and deceptive riches will ‘choke the Word and cause the disciple to be unproductive’. Jesus also looked far down the stream of time to the prophetic horizon and those dangerous years just before his Return. He said the end-time Saints should ‘be on guard against the daily cares of life and that Day catch you unprepared’. [Luke 21:34] It is beyond dispute that a large number of modern day Christians have burdened themselves with a search for riches and financial security.

Abba bless you.

— Mark Heber Miller.