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“You are my friends if you obey my commands.”  [John 14:15]


“Also you will know the Truth,
and the Truth will set you [disciples] free.”
[John 8:32 NCMM]

Judging from what our Master has said in verse 31 “the Truth” is contained in his “word.” [John 17:17]†In what manner will the Truth of our Masterís Word set us free?

After the Jewish hierarchy deny ever being slaves to anyone, the Master states the principle: “Every one that practices sin is the bondman of sin.” [John 8:34 Darby] That is, the person who is a habitual sinner living in a sinful life-style, such a person is the slave of sin. The opposite of being a slave to sin is one who is a slave to righteousness. Paul writes in a similar vein in Romans 6:6, 16; 7:14. Thus, when a disciple remains in the Master word, coming to a knowledge of The Truth, such a person will be set free from slavery to sin.

One of the men who heard our Masterís words writes, “In this manner the children of The God and the children of the Devil are evident – every person not practicing righteousness is not from The God, nor is the person not showing compassionate affection to a fellow member.” [1 John 3:10 NCMM] So it should be easy to tell those who are free and those who are not: for those who have been set free by the Truth will be characterized by a righteous life that manifests love for others.

Abba bless you.

— Mark Heber Miller.